AN WhatsApp V37 download latest version (Anti ban 2024)

WhatsApp, the widely used social media platform has become an integral part of our lives. People are using many social media apps to send their photos and chat with others. There are many apps used in the market but the most popular app is WA. Some people claim that the official WA does not have enough features.

If you want to enhance your experience by using more features of WA, here we are introducing an whatsapp v37, a modified version of the popular messaging application, with features that will surely amaze you. You can make your WA experience amazing by downloading the latest version from our website. anwhatsapp+10 has interesting features that you will love, and it is easy and fun to use. Try it and see for yourself.

What is AN Whatsapp?

WA is a modified version of the official WA. Ammar Alawadi created a version to make up for the lack of features of the original WA. Now is the time to improve your chatting experience and enjoy chatting with your friends. All the convenient features present in the original WA are available in Anwhatsapp v37 as it is an alternative to the original WA. This modified version aims to provide users with a fresh, feature-rich messaging solution with customization, and privacy

.If you want to use some other useful WA MODs, we recommend you also check out TM WhatsAppBlue WhatsApp Plus, GBWA, and Gold Whatsapp.

Comparison between An whatsapp v37 and Whatsapp

FeatureAN WhatsappOfficial Whatsapp
Dark theme✔️✔️
Editable msg✔️✔️
Auto reply✔️
Customizable themes✔️
Larger files✔️
Status download✔️
Hide blue tick✔️
Deleted message visible✔️
Hide forward tag✔️
Chat lock✔️
Hide Chats✔️

Features of AN Whatsapp

Hide Blue Tick

Experience the sheer brilliance of this app’s astonishing feature! It allows you to effortlessly conceal the notorious blue tick, ensuring that the sender remains unaware of whether you’ve viewed their messages. Open chats, read messages, and maintain your privacy without leaving a trace. Enjoy the freedom to engage discreetly with ANWhatsapp’s remarkable hidden blue tick feature.

Unlock the power of ANWhatsapp’s exceptional feature, granting you the ability to conceal the second tick. Seamlessly maintain your privacy as the sender remains unaware of your message notifications. Activate this feature and effortlessly hide the second tick on the chats of your choice. Take control of your messaging experience and enjoy unparalleled privacy with ANWhatsapp.

Hide Second Tick

Send Large Files

Unlike official WhatsApp, ANWhatsapp breaks through limitations and empowers you with an extraordinary feature: the ability to send large files effortlessly. Say goodbye to restrictions and embrace the freedom to download ANWhatsapp. Experience the unparalleled convenience of sending over 60 images at once, sharing large videos, and seamlessly exchanging documents without any interruptions.

Are you tired of the same old green color themes on WhatsApp? Upgrade to the latest version of ANWhatsapp and enjoy a wide range of colorful themes. With ANWhatsapp, you have the option to select from multiple themes or even customize them according to your preferences.

Customize Themes

Schedule Messages

To save your valuable time, this app allows you to schedule messages for specific times. You can compose your reply and set a particular time for the messages to be sent, even if you’re not actively using WhatsApp at that moment. By scheduling your messages, you can ensure timely replies without needing to be present on the app. This feature proves to be incredibly useful when you are unavailable on WhatsApp but still need to respond to messages.

Looking for enhanced privacy? an whatsapp v37offers a valuable feature that allows you to secure your personal chats by locking them with a pin or password. When you lock a chat, only individuals who know the password can access it. This added layer of security ensures that your private conversations remain hidden from prying eyes, enhancing your privacy in a significant way.

Lock Chats

Use Multiple Accounts

If you know about WhatsApp, then you could also know that it only allows you to use one account in it. Also, there is no option to switch accounts like Facebook and Instagram. But for our users, we have added this feature. Now in WhatsApp Gold Apk, you can easily use multiple accounts. We have also added a feature to switch between these accounts easily.

Do you want to reply to the message automatically? then this feature is for you. In we have shared the WhatsApp gold apk with you. This app allows you to set up an auto-reply and give replies to anyone easily. You can set up the input message along with its reply, so whenever the message is sent your reply will be sent. This feature is very helpful, you must try it once.

Setup Auto Reply

Mass Message Sending

Do you send messages to limited contacts only, then you should try the mass message-sending features of Gold WhatsApp. This feature is very helpful for sending bulk messages to your contacts, there is no need to manually go and waste your time in sending messages. Just type in your message with your selected contacts and boom your message will be delivered. Please use this feature for good use, if you used it for spamming then it could result in banning your accounts.

In this online era, it’s very important to have privacy. WhatsApp could misuse your data but now using WhatsApp gold you can make it more secure and safe. This version has many features to increase your privacy. You can select contacts who can call you, hide your last seen, hide activity settings, and more. Using the WhatsApp Gold you can do ultimate, so what are you waiting for start using the WhatsApp gold APK now.

Special Privacy Options

New in the version of AN WhatsApp V37: –

  • {Improved} More Anti-ban protection 🛡️.
  • 🛠{Fixed} Other fixes and improvements.
  • 🌐{Base Updated} — Play Store.
  • Custom Media Download control for each chat.
  • WA Old UI style (ANMods > Home > Header > Home UI Style).
  • See Message Edit History.
  • Antiban improvements .
  • Multiple Accounts on same devices.
  • About with expiry (24hr, 3days, 1 week) .
  • Adjust Group Permissions.
  • New Settings UI.
  • Create profile @username, wait for server activation.
  • Add Email Address to your account (Settings > Account).
  • Option to approve new group members before joining.
  • Media Preview feature .
  • Return original tabs order.
  • Light/Night mode option to ANMods > ANThemes .

Downloading Details of an whatsapp v37 APK

App name

AN WhatsApp Apk



80 MB

Latest Version


MOD Info

Anti revoke Messages



How to Download and Install AN Whatsapp v37?

  • Click on the above download button and download the APK file.
  • Go to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources and Enable it
  • Now go to the downloaded APK file and tap on it
  • Click on the Install button
  • Wait for installation
  • After Installation is completed, click on Open
  • Now, just like in official WA, enter your phone number, verify it, and enjoy the mod version of WA.
AN Whatsapp
AN Whatsapp

How to install AN WhatsApp on PC

Experience the Power of ANWA on Your PC with These Easy Steps:

  1. Head to the official Bluestacks website to download and install the software on your PC.
  2. Acquire the APK file for ANWA and save it to your computer.
  3. Open Bluestacks and click the “Install APK” option in the bottom right corner.
  4. Choose the ANWhatsApp APK file you just downloaded.
  5. Wait patiently while the installation process is completed.
  6. Launch ANWA from Bluestacks and follow the on-screen instructions to verify your phone number.

Yes, AN Whatsapp v37 is secure for use

AN WhatsApp is the modded version of the regular WhatsApp. This app has way more great features than regular WhatsApp. 

Yes, you can use AN Whatsapp as well as normal Whatsapp at the same time on the same device.

Final words

I used many advanced versions of WhatsApp but finally, I found an whatsapp v37 which has much better features to use. I strongly recommend installing ANWA v37 and enjoying interesting features like theme customization, more security, and privacy options.

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